Hookah Charcoal

Hookah Charcoal


Have you been wondering what type of charcoal you’re going to need to have an enjoyable hookah session? Then look no further as hookah charcoal is what you should use.

It’s the staple item used to heat up your tobacco and give off a pleasing hookah smoke. Here we’ll show you everything to know about this essential hookah product.

You Need it for Your Hookah

The use of hookah charcoal has been the go-to method to heat up the shisha tobacco in order to produce the flavorful smoke that comes out in a hookah.

It’s normally placed on a hookah bowl or on top of a foil, near the tobacco, to give it the exact amount of heat to get that perfect temperature to produce smoke.

Different Hookah Charcoals

There are different types of hookah charcoals with each of them having their own advantages.

Some lights up quickly for fast use, while others need more time to heat up but will last longer.  

The Best Hookah Charcoal for You

Choosing a hookah charcoal will depend on how you want to enjoy your hookah session. 

Each charcoal will produce different levels of heat and some will burn much faster than the other.

The amount of heat produced in the charcoal will also determine the taste and flavor that you can get from the tobacco.



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