Supreme Blend Filtered Cigars

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Smokers who are looking for a truly supreme smoking experience will love the smooth, soothing taste and feel of Supreme filtered cigars. These little cigars give smokers who appreciate a truly fine smoke the ease of a cigarette with the fine taste and aroma of a premium cigar. All this, for an inexpensive price that offers premium quality.

Supreme filtered cigars are “foil fresh” and come in the highest quality local Connecticut wrappers, made with filler leaves. All this adds up to a very fine, very enjoyable smoke that will have cigar affiicionados asking for more of these premium quality little cigars.

Supreme filtered cigars come in a wide range of delicious flavors, so there’s something in their selection to suit every taste. Smokers can choose from Full flavor, refreshing Menthol, Lights, cool Mint, and delicious candy infused flavors including Grape, Cherry and Peach.

For a taste that’s mild, satisfying, smooth and delicious, smokers in the know choose Supreme little cigars.