GTO Filtered Cigars

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If you love the robust flavor and aroma of a cigar with the size and convenience of a cigarette, then you will enjoy GTO filtered cigars. These little cigars are made in Miami, Florida by the Sunshine Tobacco Company. Since 2010, they have been manufactured with some of the finest tobacco blends that are common in more expensive cigars. They have a classic cigarillo shape with a filtered end for a mellow flavor.

A lot of filtered cigars are limited to one brand; however, GTO filtered cigars offer three special blends for your smoking pleasure. If you want a mild-tasting little cigar, you can try the GTO Gold 100s. They have a sweet, woodsy taste with a mellow creaminess that is good to the last puff. For the little cigar aficionado who prefers full-bodied flavor, try the robust smoke of the GTO full-bodied brand. Its premium tobacco blend has nuances of spice, vanilla, and a unique nutty flavor that is sure to please even the most selective smoker. If you crave a classic menthol blend, try GTO filtered menthol little cigars. With each puff, you will taste the delicious fragrance of fresh mint blended in a sweet tobacco. Even people around you will appreciate the fine aromas of your little cigar.

Many little cigar enthusiasts worry that a filtered cigar will somehow inhibit its taste. With GTO cigars brand, nothing could be farther from the truth. You get a rich, aromatic taste with each cigarillo that you would expect from a larger, unfiltered cigar. They are also priced so you can get an expensive smoke economically. These little beauties also make great gifts to a friend or relative who loves cigars. Each blend is available in single pack or by the carton. GTO cigars offers you a pleasant smoking experience.

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