Muriel Cigars

Muriel Little Cigars , Magnum and Coronellas

When it’s time for a smooth, highly enjoyable smoke from a cigar brand that’s become a classic, it’s time to choose little cigars from Muriel. This always reliably smooth, mild and tasty cigar has truly stood the test of time. Yes, highly aromatic Muriel cigars are the cigars your grandfather smoked, and these delicious cigars deliver a quality smoke every time. Whether the choice of a cigar is a Muriel Magnum, Muriel Coronella, or the handy and very smokable Muriel Little Cigars, the Muriel brand has a quality taste experience that's utterly enjoyable. That’s why smokers who really value a great tasting premium cigar at an affordable price keep coming back to Muriel.

Muriel little cigars, Magnum cigars and Muriel Coronella cigars are all machine-made down in Puerto Rico. These cigars offer a highly precise blend that’s a combination of all natural fillers. The incredibly smooth and mild taste of these affordable cigars has made them one of the most popular brands in the world, year after year.

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