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El Producto Cigars have been an American-made favorite smoke since the brand first premiered in 1916. Comedian Milton Berle wasn't kidding when he called these cigars "something sweet and delicious." Once he introduced his pal, funnyman George Burns, to El Producto Cigars, Burns insisted he would never smoke anything else and was seldom seen in public or on stage without an El Producto in his hand. Even heartthrob singer Elvis Presley was a fan of this brand's Diamond and Atlas Tips. 
What makes El Producto Cigars continue to be popular even today beyond Hollywood? It's because El Producto has retained its quality, guaranteed to be one of the smoothest and tastiest machine-made cigars on the market. Although the brand originally used tobaccos grown in Cuba and Puerto Rico, El Producto Cigars has been able to remain very affordable, even for modest budgets, by using wrappers and binders made from homogenized sheet tobacco. El Producto Cigars is the choice for discriminating smokers who demand great value when they buy cigars, because this well-respected brand consistently delivers an ultra-smooth, flavorful and mellow smoking experience.

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