Java Cigars

Java Cigars


Embrace the passion and dedication of Rocky Patel and Drew Estate in one handicraft.

Witness the art made by the world’s best cigar makers all in one product.

With experience as its sole mentor, Java Cigars was born.

A Nicaraguan touch with a Brazilian tone completes the taste you are looking for.

The intricate and meticulous process that came along humps and bumps is what makes Java Cigars the best.

Cherish the deep chocolate, espresso, and dark coffee flavor that sits on your palate.

With aged Nicaraguan tobacco fermented to perfection, savor each blow of deep aroma that comes in a creamy, smooth finish.

The sweet Brazilian wrapper releases the sweetness of cocoa while filling the air with fragrance. 

Have a taste of your favorite morning coffee with the light of Java Cigars’ richness.

Savor the moment of your evening dessert while enjoying the aroma of creaminess.

Try that relaxing, even burn of coffee and mocha that rests on your tongue. 

Be engaged with the masterpiece of two artisans with their unyielding passion and dedication.

Be a part of a revolutionary transformation in the art of cigar smoking.

Kiss the work of the best blenders around the planet.