Pinar del Rio Cigars

Pinar del Rio Cigars


Pinar del Rio Cigars is a cigar company located in Tamboril, of the Dominican Republic. It has a smaller factory compared to other cigar or cigarette companies, however, they take pride in producing cigars that are packed with charm and flavor. They are popular for their unique taste of cigars which have a distinctive pepper, coffee, cocoa, sweet, smooth, and complex blend that is well balanced.

It was founded in 1867 by Abraham Flores. He is also the President and CEO of the company. 

Today, the company still continues to produce high-quality products for the local and export market.. It is one of the most highly rated cigar products. 

How it is made

From the Cuban fields, the dried leaves are taken to the factory where it is sorted out by its quality and color. It is then processed with the special blend made by Pinar del Rio and has it ready for the final process. Leaves are then carefully selected and hand-rolled by the production line. 

Pinar del Rio Cigar Brands

The company has produced several varieties of cigars with different blends and sizes. 

The sizes come in Perfecto (4”x60), Robusto (5”x52), Toro (6”x54), Gordo (6”x60), and Torpedo (6.5”x52). 

Some of their famous cigars are PDR Oscuro, PDR 1878 - Reserva Dominicana Capa Oscura, PDR Classico Excliusivo - Lancero, and PDR Value Line Reserve - Torpedo.