Cuban Rejects Cigars

Cuban Rejects Cigars


Since 1976, Cuban Rejects have offered excellent value as a premium cigar experience at an affordable price.

Cuban Rejects cigars are manufactured by Ventura Cigar Company. They are handmade Nicaraguan cigars that come in mellow-medium to medium strengths. They include wrappers such as Connecticut, Maduro, and Natural.

Despite its name, Cuban Rejects are neither reject nor Cuban when it comes to quality. However, they’re an excellent tasting value cigar. 

In every box of these affordable cigars, you’ll find some of the best wrappers, binder, and filler tobacco you can at a price that will not hurt your wallet. 

Cuban Rejects Cigars are perhaps the most well-known selling value cigar in the world. They are all tobacco and hand-rolled. 

The brand obtained one of the biggest ratings ever in Cigar Magazine for value and quality. Cuban Rejects come in a huge variety of tobacco blends and sizes that fit your preferences. 

You can ensure you’ll find a cigar that will fit your specific taste. 

You shouldn’t get fooled with the name, though Cuban Rejects might not be Cuban, they aren’t rejected at all. The truth is that it provides one of the best smoking experiences at a low price.