Cigar Accessories

Cigars have been a staple of class and style for generations, and their popularity has only grown with the expansion of the global economy. Every day, more and more people are discovering the joys of smoking a rich, bold cigar. As cigars have continued to evolve, so have the accessories that make smoking cigars much more convenient. Many of these accessories are thought to be necessary when smoking a cigar, and most enthusiasts will consider their special tools to be part of the overall experience. We've got everything you'll need to complete your collection of cigar accessories.


Cigar humidors range from large walk-in rooms to smaller wooden boxes, but they all perform the same function. A humidor provides a stable environment for dried tobacco, cigarettes, or cigars to be stored by maintaining a steady level of humidity. Cigar humidors are designed specifically to hold and store cigars, which might require a humidity range around 70 percent. They are available in several varieties that each have their own specialty. For instance, a personal or desktop humidor might have a capacity of 20-70 cigars, whereas a travel humidor might only hold up to 10 to maintain portability. Cigar humidors are usually made of wood, but they can be made of any material that will provide an airtight seal.


Cigar ashtrays are not that different from any other ashtray, but there are a few key differences. One of the main differences is found in the fingers, or indentations along the rim of the ashtray that hold the cigar. Cigar ashtrays typically have fewer fingers than a cigarette ashtray, and those fingers are wider to accommodate the added thickness of the standard cigar. Most trays are either ceramic, metal, or glass, but other materials may be used as well.


Lighters that are made especially for cigars are a must for any aficionado. More powerful and durable than a standard lighter, these devices are designed to deal with the thick density of cigars. Most cigar lighters are handheld butane torches that don't flicker or react to air flow. Such a lighter won't be limited by the direction it is fired, unlike a normal lighter that won't function properly at odd angles. The functionality and sophistication provided by such an accessory is second to none.
The highest quality handmade cigars are formed with a cap at one end, while the other end remains open. Cutters are then used to remove the cap before smoking. This process ensures the tobacco in the cigar stays fresh longer. Some maintain that biting or cutting the cap with a knife is just as viable an option, but such procedures can leave the cigar burning irregularly, which might waste tobacco. Only with a legitimate cigar cutter can the perfect straight, punch, or V-cut be made.