True Hemp Wraps

True Hemp Wraps


Whenever you’re searching for different options on the market, you will probably notice that there are a lot of various hemp wraps available. 

If you talk to smokers, you’ll find out that every single one of them has their own preferences when it comes to hemp wraps. Some might like this particular brand while some like the others. 

To make things simple, it all comes down to your preferences. 

However, there are a couple of defining features of high-quality hemp wraps. All of these features can be found in True Hemp Wraps. They’re one of the most popular hemp wraps brands in the world. 

Clean and Natural Wraps

True Hemp Wraps are manufactured with pure hemp. They’re 100% nicotine-free and tobacco-free. This means that when you smoke one, you’ll get the cleanest smoke out there. 

True Hemp Wraps come with 2 wraps in every pack. In addition to that, the packs are resealable. Thus, you can ensure your wraps will stay fresh even if you’ve opened the pack already. 

Flavorful and Organic

The goal of True Hemp is to provide smokers the same slow-burn experience that traditional hemp wraps offer. However, they’re adding a twist to it. 

True Hemp Wraps are made from organic hemp. However, they’re making it available in six flavors. Thus, you can have a new experience each time you smoke. These flavors include Sticky Gelato, Banana, Mango, Russian Cream, Honey, and Flav R Less.