Seneca Filtered Cigars

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These tasty little cigars featuring a whole-leaf wrap come in a variety of blends. Native-made Seneca filtered cigars are from the makers of Seneca cigarettes. Seneca produces quality filtered cigars with full, rich flavor. Known for their smoothness, these fine little cigars give you a satisfying smoke with a tantalizing, easy draw and complex finish. Newcomers and connoisseurs of cigars will enjoy these.

The premium tobacco is rolled in a whole leaf for a cohesive cigar and smooth smoking experience. This line of filtered cigars features delectable fruit flavors, including cherry, grape and blackberry, wildberry and peach. Other flavors include menthol, menthol light and vanilla. These special filtered cigars also come in original, robust and light. Nectar filtered cigars are available in fruit flavors and full flavor tobacco for a rich and delicious smoke. Those who enjoyed Seneca Sweets will enjoy the cherry filtered cigars and other fruit flavors. This fine company also produces tobacco for roll-your-own. In ready to smoke 100s by the box or pouch tobacco, Seneca gives a full-bodied mouth feel and sweet, woody flavor to satisfy your cravings for a tasty filtered cigar.

Filtered cigars are the most popular product in premium tobacco shops and Seneca cigars are rated at the top. Consumers enjoy the neat smoking experience. Seneca's sophisticated and colorful packaging combines the best of classic cigar box art and contemporary marketing. When you display a carton of these little cigars, people know you care about quality. The combination of taste, excellence and affordability make these top choice for cigar lovers. Seneca delivers a sophisticated product at a bargain price.