Dark Leaf Woods

When you're ready to relax, light up a Dark Leaf Vanilla Woods Cigar. The aroma, smooth taste and rich flavor make Dark Lead Woods a unique and pleasurable smoking experience. Dark Leaf Cigars - for unbeatable flavor and a taste that you will be sure to enjoy and remember. The Velvety smoothness of a glass of Irish Creme Liqueur + the flavor of Dark Leaf Tobacco = A Sensual, Pleasurable taste that you will want to experience again - and again - and again. The mixed the flavor of Vodka, Cream and Kahlua with Dark Leaf tobacco for a cigar that will intoxicate you with it's rich, distinctive, creamy taste. The blended the flavor of our rich tobacco with the tastes of sweet cranberries and smooth vodka. The result is a distinctive cigar that you will truly savor and enjoy. Banana flavor and our tobacco are combined for a Taste of the Tropics. Take a refreshing puff and you'll imagine yourself relaxing on a sandy beach under the shade of a palm tree. One puff will remind you of a hot, lazy, summer day. Savor the flavor of refreshing watermelon but without the seeds! Light up and enjoy the unique taste of Dark Leaf Tobacco infused with the sweet, zesty flavor of ripe mango.