Cigar Club

4 Enjoyable Benefits of Joining Our Monthly Cigar Club

If you have a passion for the enjoyment of great cigars, you should consider joining our monthly cigar club. Taking advantage of our cigar subscription can help you to enjoy premium cigars at a discounted price. With this point made, these are 4 benefits of joining a cigar club that you should know about.

Great Access to Premium Cigars

Access to premium cigars is perhaps the most compelling reason why so many cigar enthusiasts join a club. Cigar lovers know how hard it can often be to find cigars that meet the standards that connoisseurs expect. A cigar subscription is one of the easiest ways to get the quality cigars that you enjoy. Our team of experts hand selects each of the cigars that go out to our monthly subscribers so you can be certain that you are receiving a product that is of the highest quality.

You Get to Enjoy Great Cigars While Saving Money

The money-saving benefits of joining a cigar club perfectly complement the fact that you are receiving a premium product. Joining a club is the best way to enjoy the world's finest cigars without breaking the bank at the same time. 

The Opportunity to Experience a Wide Range of High-Quality Cigars

When you sign up for one of our cigar subscriptions, you also get the opportunity to try a wide range of high-quality cigars from many different locations around the world. This includes the option to try out new flavors that you might not have experienced before. Your subscription to our monthly cigar club will help you to discover exciting new cigars that might just become your new favorites.

The Included Cutter Adds to Your Overall Cigar Experience

The cigar cutter that is included with our club subscription can help to take your experience to a new level. With our cutter, you will be able to prepare your cigar for an optimal smoking experience. The way that you cut your cigar helps to determine the intensity of the smoke. Finding the right cutting preference for your own personal taste will become much easier with the cutter that you are eligible to receive when you sign up for our monthly cigar club.

Find Out More About Joining Our Cigar Club Today

Your cigar subscription with us gets you benefits that include 4 to 6 cigars delivered to your address monthly. You can count on our team of cigar experts to include only the finest cigars that have been hand-selected for quality. Other benefits include either a cutter, a lighter, or both. There are also extra gifts included from time to time. These are all great reasons to consider signing up to take advantage of all our cigar club has to offer you!

We would love to tell you more about the benefits of joining our monthly cigar club. You can find out more by reaching out to us today.