CAO Cigars

CAO Cigars


In the quest of finding the perfect blend of tobacco rolls, Cano Aret Ozgener founded one of the leading cigar manufacturers of the world.

His dream of making the perfect cigar that goes beyond your expectations is what drove him to look beyond the horizon.

From his travels around the world, he found pieces of a puzzle that gave birth to the beginning of making the perfect blend.

CAO Cigars was born after years of mastering the art of cigar making. 

A product made from the golden touch of the world-renowned Honduran cigar maker Nestor Plasencia, Sr., and Nicaraguan tobacco producer Carlos Toraño.

Together, they made the core elements of the CAO Cigars, a product that never leaves your taste. 

Wherever tobacco thrives, CAO Cigars follows. Experience the unconstrained quest for the best cigars in the world.

From the forests of Amazon to the ridges of Columbia, CAO Cigars' signature taste is none like others.

Try the produce of the valleys of the Dominican Republic and the ashes of Nicaragua.

Use the finest leaves that man has ever held in his hands and satiate in the richness of every blow you take.

Break boundaries, explore, and be free.