H. Upmann Cigars

H Upmann Cigars


Founded by the German banker Hermann Dietrich Upmann in Cuba in 1844, the “H Upmann” cigars is one of the oldest cigar brands in the world. 

The luxurious and sophisticated blend of H Upmann cigars made it known throughout the world.

In 1855, the master blender perfected the art of making the best cigars which earned him the title “Provider of His Majesty Don Alfonso XII, King of Spain.”

These handmade cigars were known at their prime for their production packed inside cedar boxes. 

Each box has its patent label of H Upmann with its founder’s signature. 

H Upmann upheld the art of tobacco processing by giving birth to a whole new experience of smoking.

The rich, bold taste of each roll brings back the era where everything has started. Experience the luxury of smoking the finest blends that history could offer.

With all the recognition and admiration of even the royal court of Spain, H Upmann prides itself with seven gold medals. 

Each as a sign of perfection, a recognition of true art and taste.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab the chance to experience the richness of cedar and earth that sits on the palate.