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We are your best Cigar Shop

As a cigar lover, or even someone new to the cigar smoking experience, locating a top online site for wholesale cigars is a great find. It provides you with the opportunity to try out new cigars including the classic filtered cigars such as Backwoods Cigars, Clipper, and Muriel as well as the a variety of different flavors in Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters as well as a Wrangler filtered cigars.

On our site, you will find it easy to locate just the type of cigar you are interested in trying. On the top of the page navigation is easy through cigar categories including filtered cigars, little cigars, cigarillos and even cigarette options offered through online sales.

Florida best Tobacco Shop

At Buitrago, you will find that all our cigars for sale are rated by our customers, giving you the opportunity to consider what other cigar aficionados are saying about a particular brand and type.

Each different cigar brand from Winchester to Captain Black and Blackstone to Criss Cross is also available for you to review, helping to create a great community of cigar lovers that are providing feedback and information for each other.

Wholesale Cigars

We have the best selection of Rolling Papers and Cigarette Filter Tubes in the market, we also have Cheap Little Cigars as well as Montecristo Cigars Platinum Series White Series. We have a large selection of Zippo Lighters as well for the lowest price.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a great line of cigars at a variety of price points. While some cigar sites only cater to small batch cigar production, we offer a range of the most popular cigars on the market today.

This means that if you are looking for that special smoke for after a dinner, or you want a great smoke, like a Hav-A-Tampa little cigar for a break at work, we offer the smokes you want to enjoy.

Cigar Club

Cigar smoking is not just a fashion, it’s more about passion. People used to signify cigars as a symbol of wealth and status. Because of its hefty price, only the rich and able can avail the luxury of smoking this exquisite roll. 

However, many adaptations were made to make cigar smoking accessible. This opened the gates of trading and mass production of high-quality, but affordable cigars. Many people searched the corners of the world to make the perfect blend. 

A blend that will suit the taste of monarchs and high-ranked officials but is made available for all. Something that gives the same satiety on the palate of both the rich and poor. And this has given birth to a canvass of the world’s most famous cigars.

Buitrago Cigars holds the key to grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. An opportunity to try the best blends of different cigar accents. A dream that every cigar aficionado would die for. A chance to reach an epiphany with your smoking experience. 

As the world’s master blenders cherish and take pride in their work, Buitrago Cigars opens an arena of choice. A choice that you must take and place on the palm of your hands the masterpiece of a true enthusiast. 

Once you open this Pandora's box, you’ll be surprised by how many opportunities you can take. The moment where you get to make a decision to try the world’s handicraft of tobacco production. An array of choices that Buitrago Cigars would wish you to make.