Trip2 1/14 Clear Rolling Papers

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  • Leaves per Unit: 24
  • Units per Box: 50
  • Brand: Trip
  • Size: 1 1/4

These rolling papers are made of Asian cotton Mallow and are completely tree-free. TRIRs are thin and burn smooth and clean giving a good smoking experience. These papers come ungummed. 

Trip 1 1/4 Clear Rolling Papers by Trip are the perfect choice for smokers who desire a premium rolling experience. With 24 leaves per unit and 50 units per box, this product offers excellent value for money. The Trip brand is trusted for its commitment to quality, and these rolling papers are no exception.

What sets Trip 1 1/4 Clear Rolling Papers apart is their unique composition. Made from Asian cotton Mallow, these papers are completely tree-free, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. The use of high-quality materials ensures that these papers are thin and burn smoothly, without any added harshness. This results in a clean smoking experience that enhances the natural flavors of your herbs or tobacco.

One distinctive feature of Trip 1 1/4 Clear Rolling Papers is that they come ungummed. This allows for customization in how you choose to seal your cigarette or joint, catering to individual preferences. Whether you prefer a classic roll or a more intricate design, these papers give you the flexibility to craft your smoke just the way you like it.

Overall, Trip 1 1/4 Clear Rolling Papers offer a premium smoking experience for those who appreciate the finer details. From their eco-friendly composition to their smooth burn, these papers are designed to elevate your smoking ritual. Try Trip 1 1/4 Clear Rolling Papers today and experience the difference for yourself.
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Rolling Papers
50 Units per Box
24 Leaves per Unit
1 1/4