Torano Cigars Champions Cup Sampler

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The Torano Champion Cup Sampler includes:
1 - Carlos Torano Exodus Gold 1959 Robusto (5.0" x 52)
1 - Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 '50 Years' Robusto (5.0" x 52)
1 - Carlos Torano Dominico Robusto (5.0" x 50)
1 - Carlos Torano Casa Torano Robusto (4.7" x 52)
1 - Carlos Torano Noventa Santiago (5.0" x 50)
1  - Torano Branded Tumbler

Introducing the Torano Champion Cup Sampler – a distinguished collection that embodies the legacy and craftsmanship of the Torano cigar brand. This exclusive sampler is a tribute to excellence, offering enthusiasts a curated selection of Torano's premium cigars that showcase the brand's commitment to quality and flavor.

Inside the Torano Champion Cup Sampler, you'll discover a carefully chosen assortment of cigars, each representing the artistry and expertise that defines Torano. From the first draw to the final exhale, this collection promises a journey through a spectrum of rich, complex flavors, showcasing the diverse range that Torano is renowned for.

Crafted with precision and passion, the cigars in this sampler feature a harmonious blend of top-quality tobaccos sourced from various regions. Experience the interplay of nuanced notes, from the smooth and creamy to the robust and spicy, as you immerse yourself in the distinctive taste profile that defines Torano cigars.

The Torano Champion Cup Sampler isn't just a collection of cigars; it's a celebration of a legacy. Each cigar is a testament to the Torano family's dedication to producing cigars that are both timeless and contemporary. The sampler is elegantly presented, making it an ideal gift for aficionados or a luxurious addition to your personal collection.

Elevate your smoking experience with the Torano Champion Cup Sampler – a true connoisseur's choice that reflects the passion, heritage, and commitment to excellence that defines Torano cigars. Ignite your senses and discover the exceptional quality that has made Torano a respected name in the world of premium cigars.

It also includes a Torano brand tumbler that can hold up to 30 ounces of beverage and keep it cold or hot for hours.

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