Swisher Sweets Slims 10 packs of 5 Cigars

Swisher International
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Quantity: 10 Packs of 5

Strength: Mild

Wrapper: Natural

Manufacturer: Swisher International

The Swisher Sweets Slims offer a delightful smoking experience with this pack of 10 individual packs, each containing 5 cigars. Whether you are looking to unwind after a long day or enjoy a moment of relaxation with friends, these mild-strength cigars are the perfect choice.

Crafted with a natural wrapper, the Swisher Sweets Slims deliver a smooth and gentle smoke that is sure to please your senses. The well-balanced flavor profile ensures a satisfying and enjoyable smoking session every time.

Manufactured by Swisher International, a trusted name in the tobacco industry, you can be confident in the quality and craftsmanship of these cigars. Each cigar is expertly rolled to perfection, promising a consistent and pleasurable smoking experience from start to finish.

Ideal for both seasoned cigar enthusiasts and beginners alike, the Swisher Sweets Slims offer a convenient way to enjoy a quick smoke or savor a longer moment of indulgence. Whether you are relaxing at home, out with friends, or celebrating a special occasion, these cigars are the perfect companion for any moment.

Treat yourself to the luxurious taste and aroma of Swisher Sweets Slims and elevate your smoking experience to new heights. With this value pack of 10 packs, you'll always have a supply of premium cigars ready to enjoy whenever the mood strikes. Choose Swisher Sweets Slims and experience the ultimate in cigar satisfaction.
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    Found Them

    Posted by Brenda Parr on Dec 23rd 2023

    These are very hard to find in stores. When I find them, I usually order for the hubby. Delivery was fast.