Stinger 1hr Whole Body Detox - 8oz / Fruit Punch

Stinger Detox
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  • The Stinger Detox is a body cleanser which helps you eliminate toxins from all major body systems. The One Hour Total Detox works best for light exposure and requires you to be at least 48 hours toxin-free prior.
  • 8 Ounce bottle
  • 1-hour formula
  • Eliminate toxins naturally
  • Fruit Punch
  • Easy to follow instructions Directions
  • Avoid toxins for at least 48 hours prior
  • Avoid dairy products 30 minutes before use.
  • Drink the entire bottle 60-90 minutes before desired time.
  • Refill with water and repeat 4 times. (If you weigh over 230 lbs, you will need two bottles)
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System Cleanser
Stinger Detox
1 Bottle
Fruit Punch
8oz (237ml)