Royal Blunts EZ Roll Wraps Tubes Chicken & Waffles

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  • Brand: Royal Blunts
  • Origin:Mexico
  • Package: Contains 25
  • Strength: Mild

Satisfy your taste buds with a unique blend of sweet and savory flavors with Royal Blunts EZ Roll Wraps Tubes in the delectable Chicken & Waffles variety. Imported from Mexico, these wraps offer a culinary experience unlike any other in the world of rolling papers. Each package contains 25 individual wraps, ensuring you plenty of opportunities to savor the delightful taste combination.

Crafted by Royal Blunts, a trusted brand known for its quality smoking products, these EZ Roll Wraps Tubes boast a mild strength level that caters to a wide range of preferences. The infusion of chicken and waffles flavoring provides a mouthwatering sensation that is both intriguing and indulgent.

Perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with different tastes, the Chicken & Waffles EZ Roll Wraps Tubes offer a unique twist on traditional rolling paper options. Whether you're looking to add a touch of novelty to your smoking experience or simply want to explore new and exciting flavors, these wraps are sure to delight your palate.

Experience the perfect balance of sweetness and savoriness with Royal Blunts EZ Roll Wraps Tubes in Chicken & Waffles flavor. Elevate your smoking sessions with this exceptional product that combines quality, taste, and creativity in a single package. Indulge in a smoking experience that is not only flavorful but also truly unforgettable.
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Royal Blunt Wraps
Box of 25 Single Packs
Machine Made:
25 Roll Tubes Wraps
Chicken & Waffles


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    Chicken and Waffles Wraps

    Posted by Jennifer Ward on Sep 8th 2023

    Love these things.