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RAW Flying Disc Cone Holder

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RAW Flying Disc Cone Holder
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  • Quantity: 1 Holds a pre Roll cone
  • Size
  • Brand: RAW
  • Made in: China
  • Ships from Miami, FL
  • USPS Tracking Included
  • Brand New
  • Discreet Packaging

This is a product of RAW. The reason why RAW Rolling Papers is so popular is that it’s an all-natural rolling paper meaning it doesn’t contain any type of harmful chemical in it.


Rolling Machine
Discreet Packaging
Machine Made:
1 Disc


We are not the makers. We are an online cigar shop. We retail the products. If you have questions in regards to this product as to why it is dried or had some sort of defect please refer those questions to the manufacturer. We are just an online tobacco shop All CBD are not returnable. All E-Cigarettes are not returnable. E-Cigarettes do not have any sort of warranty. E-Liquids cannot be return.

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