Pax By Ploom Car Vaporizer Charger Adapter

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Designed For Pax by Ploom Charge Pax In Your Vehicle Weighted Charging Dock OEM Ploom Product A requirement for any Pax user on the road, plug this into your car's 12V power socket for easy Pax charging on-the-go! Includes auto charging cord and weighted dock.
The Pax By Ploom Car Vaporizer Charger Adapter is an essential accessory for any Pax user who is always on the move. This innovative charger adapter is specifically designed for the Pax by Ploom to allow users to easily charge their device in their vehicle. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety with this convenient solution.

With the Pax By Ploom Car Vaporizer Charger Adapter, you can now charge your Pax vaporizer while commuting, road-tripping, or simply running errands. The adapter plugs into your car's 12V power socket, providing a hassle-free way to power up your device wherever your journey takes you.

This charger adapter is an official OEM Ploom product, ensuring compatibility and quality performance with your Pax vaporizer. The package includes an auto charging cord that seamlessly connects to your Pax device, as well as a weighted dock that keeps your vaporizer secure while charging.

Never be caught with a dead battery again - the Pax By Ploom Car Vaporizer Charger Adapter is the perfect solution for on-the-go Pax users who need a reliable and efficient way to keep their device charged while traveling. Stay powered up and ready to enjoy your vaping experience wherever the road may lead you. Order your Pax By Ploom Car Vaporizer Charger Adapter today and experience convenient charging for your Pax vaporizer in your vehicle.
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