Hempire Wraps Cali Cream 15/4 Packs

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  • Flavors: Cali Cream, Honey Fu-Fu, Blueblurry Blaze, Strawblurry Clouds, Rilla-G and Clemen-Terp
  • Tobacco and Nicotine-free
  • Terpenes and Aromatics infused

Indulge in the rich and flavorful world of Hempire Wraps Cali Cream, a premium smoking experience that offers a variety of delicious flavors to elevate your herbal enjoyment. Each pack includes 15 wraps, with 4 packs included, ensuring you have a plentiful supply for your smoking sessions.

With Hempire Wraps, you can explore a range of tantalizing flavors that include Cali Cream, Honey Fu-Fu, Blueblurry Blaze, Strawblurry Clouds, Rilla-G, and Clemen-Terp. These unique flavors are designed to enhance your smoking experience and add a touch of luxury to every puff.

What sets Hempire Wraps apart is their commitment to providing a tobacco and nicotine-free alternative for smokers looking for a cleaner option. Made with high-quality hemp, these wraps offer a smooth and slow burn, allowing you to savor the flavors without any unwanted additives.

In addition to being free of tobacco and nicotine, Hempire Wraps are infused with terpenes and aromatics that deliver a burst of delicious scents and flavors with every use. Whether you prefer a creamy and sweet profile or a fruity and fresh aroma, these wraps cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Experience the pleasure of smoking with Hempire Wraps Cali Cream and elevate your herbal sessions with their luxurious flavors and premium quality. Enjoy a smoke that is free of harmful substances, filled with natural essences, and designed to enhance your smoking experience like never before.
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Box of 15 Pouches
Cali Cream
Machine Made:
4 Hemp Wraps per Pouch