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Posted by Maximillian on Aug 3rd 2019

Wrangler Filtered Cigars

The Wrangler Cigar brand are some of the finest filtered little cigars on the market. The company is well-known for their high quality filtered and full-flavor little cigars, that provide smokers with a unique and refreshing smoking experience. Their knowledge and expertise in designing a successful brand shows with their line premium tobacco products. 

Little Cigars are well-constructed and easy to light. They provide a good draw and leave smokers with a great tasting flavor. Most smokers will agree that once they choose to give Wrangler's cigars a try, they consider them to be a good substitute to traditional cigarettes. They can be saved for special occasions, or for everyday use. Each Wrangler cigar is rolled with the very best natural tobacco leaf from North Carolina and are 100% Made in the USA. There are several varieties of Little Cigars available from Wrangler for smokers to choose from, including blue, filtered, full flavor and menthol flavored. These affordable cigars come in two different casings-soft and box. With their consistency, taste and construction, these long-filtered cigars will enchant you in way that will ensure that you never let them go.