Why Are Backwoods Cigars So Expensive and where to online

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Aug 30th 2021

Why Are Backwoods Cigars So Expensive and where to online

Why Are Backwoods So Expensive

Backwoods Cigars are machine-made and high-quality cigars crafted with Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobaccos, the signature of the brand. Every cigar is surrounded by a genuine all tobacco Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and a homogenized binder.

Backwoods Cigars can evoke memories of the Wild West and early America. It’s rolled in a rustic shape with an unfinished head and a crude foot. This unpolished form of a cigar was extremely popular back then.

What’s So Good About Backwoods?

To make things simple, a Backwoods cigars is rolled in tobacco leaf. It is 100% natural. These cigars can hold a lot more herbs compared to a normal cigar wrap.

The truth is that a couple of smokers have successfully rolled as much as 1/8 of the herb using one wrap only.

Why Are Backwoods So Expensive?

Backwoods are simply natural tobacco leaves. Every cigar is wrapped around 100% natural tobacco. No additives and no paper. It’s all tobacco.

That is why Backwoods add to the high in an extremely different way compared to other wraps in the market. Thus, they’re an expensive brand.

Do Backwoods Get You High?

Backwoods can hold a lot of herbs and they taste great. In addition to that, the leaves add to the high as well.

Compared to other wraps, Backwoods do not contain an additive to hold a particular shape or make the wrap smooth.

Thus, you can get a natural high when you smoke Backwoods.

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