Posted by Martin Buitrago on Feb 13th 2021

Why are Cheap Backwoods Cigars Out of Stock?

Why are Backwoods Cigars Out of Stock?

Backwoods Cigars is one of the most wanted brands of cigars throughout the decades. With its colorful packaging, it manages to show the number of aromas and flavors that each of their cigars has to offer.

Though recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, most outlets have been slowly running out of stock forcing smoking enthusiasts to try to find any store that avails them.

So what happened to this brand and are the rumors about them being discontinued true? Well, just keep on reading as we’ll tell you everything there is to know.

What makes Backwoods Cigars so Good

Backwoods Cigars was created for people who are into the great outdoors. Every time they take a hit from their favorite cigar, it gives them this smooth and rustic flavor that reminds them of the wilderness.

It uses high-quality and all-natural tobacco that’s machine wrapped which gives the user an authentic smoking experience. Smoking can wrap the user with carious aromas and flavors which can further enhance their experience and makes them want to take another hit.

Why are they currently Out of Stock?

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting almost every industry, it also managed to halt the production and distribution of cigar brands such as Backwood Cigars.

Their parent company, Game Cigars, said in an interview that several of their warehouses and production areas was stopped to avoid any possibilities of an outbreak.

Though there are some warehouses that still distribute their cigars, it limited their supplies and areas where they’re able to distribute them. This has made it difficult for smoking enthusiasts to find their favorite type of Backwoods Cigar.

Are they Still Available?

Most shops have already sold out on their supply of Backwoods Cigars. Though there are specific tobacco shops that still avail this brand of cigars. The only problem with this is that it’s going to be a difficult task on searching for shops that have a specific Backwoods Cigar that you’re looking for.

You can also find them at large tobacco stores such as Buitrago Cigars where they tend to supply large amounts of high-quality cigars. Distributors like these often have everything that a smoking enthusiast needs to have a quality smoke session.

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Looking for Backwoods Cigars these days is difficult due to the scarce amount that’s available in the market. Most tobacco stores are already out of stock already so it’s a good idea to get them while supplies still last.

Check out Buitrago Cigars if you’re looking for a specific flavor of Backwoods Cigars. With their supply of Backwoods Cigars, there’s a large chance that they still have one of your favorites hanging around on their shelves.