Posted by Martin Buitrago on Mar 12th 2020

What Are The Different Kinds Of Cigar Cutters?

If you like smoking cigars then it’s important that you invest in a good quality cigar cutter. They should be good enough to provide a clean cut to your cigar so you can properly enjoy the luxury of having the best experience in smoking your tobacco.

As cigars are quite pricey then you should try to make sure that you have the best materials to use on your cigar. You don’t want your cigar to be destroyed because of a poor quality cigar cutter which will make you regret that you bought one.

As there are a lot of cigar cutters in the market, it’s best that you should know what you should choose so you won’t end up with a low-quality one.

Here we will show the different kinds of cigar cutters and which one you should choose so you can get the best quality for your Cuban tobacco.

Types of Cigar Cutters

V-Shape Cutters

A v-shaped cutter is great for beginners and it can give a clean cut on your cigar. It manages to slice off the cap in your cigar just enough that you can get a good draw out of it. It’s a very versatile cigar cutter due to it being able to cut any type of cigar shape.

It’s important that you should invest in good quality v-shaped cigar cutters as the cheap ones can easily get dull and will damage your tobacco.

Guillotine Cutter

The guillotine cutter is a single blade cutter that can easily remove the entire circumference of the cap.

It’s the most commonly used cigar cutter as it’s one of the most inexpensive ones but it’s a very efficient cutter that can do its job properly. This cutter is a bit tricky as you have to be fast and strong with cutting the cigar to properly slice a portion off.

This requires a bit of experience so you need to have a bit of practice to get it right. If you’re really picky with the quality of the cigar cutter then there are also expensive ones that are quite sharp and won’t easily get dull.

Scissors Cutters

This type of cigar cutter works similarly as a regular scissor but the blades are shaped like a crescent moon so it’s able to fit in the cigars shape perfectly.

These are found in most cigar store and tobacco shop. It can be used in any type of cigar as the scissors are able to adapt to any form of cigar you’re smoking. You’re able to cut the cigar in any angle that you want which lets you customize the cigar in a way you want to smoke.

It’s a nice looking cutter that has an old-school vibe to it if you’re looking for something vintage and elegant.

Punch Cutter

A Punch Cutter is a small and portable type of cigar cutter that can be placed in your pocket or it can also be a keychain.

It doesn’t actually cut off the cigar cap but it just punches a hole into the cap through a push and twist motion so the hole is large enough that you’re able to draw the smoke in it.

If you want to get a bigger hole to draw in smoke then you just have to punch the hole again. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes which makes it very customizable.

Pliers Cutter

It's a pliers shaped type of cigar cutter that acts the same as a guillotine cutter. It’s a fancy and expensive-looking cigar cutter that shows how luxurious a cigar-smoking lifestyle is.

Though it’s not very portable, it is very easy due to its size making it quite comfortable to hold and keeps your grip on stable so you can get more accurate cutting.

Double Blade Cutter

This is the same as the guillotine cutter but it has two blades in it so it can give you a much finer cut compared to the single-bladed one.

But just like the single blade cutter, you also need to apply force to it and it requires a bit of practice to get the hang of it. It’s able to cut any kind of cigar of your choosing making it very versatile.

Cigar Cutter Maintenance

If you get the expensive kind of cigar cutters, don’t throw it away if it gets a bit dull because you can just clean and resharpen it. Disassemble the cutters to clean the blades.

Dip it in hot water so you can remove the tobacco residue then once you’re done, dry it properly with the cloth.

You can use a stone polishing bur to resharpen the cutter. Be precise when grinding the edge. Make sure that you keep it at a steady angle or you won’t be able to make the blade sharp.

Is it important to cut the cigar properly?

There is no wrong way to cut the cigar. You can cut the cigar in any way depending on your preference.

As there are different kinds of cigars and ways to cut them then you can cut it in a way to draw out more smoke and flavor or you can cut it in a way that you can smoke it slowly to savor the moment.

Where to buy the best cigar cutter?

Cigar cutters are a must for people who love cigars but it's best that you should invest in one so you won’t have to buy another one due to regretting your previous purchase.

Choose wisely and find one that is in your preference so you can be satisfied with the perfect cigar cutter of your choice.

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This cigar shop, which also doubles down as a tobacco store, provides premium quality cigar cutters and other necessities you need for your cigar. You can be sure of your money with the quality and durability of the products they have.