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Posted by Martin Buitrago on Aug 30th 2021

What Are the Best Filtered Cigars - Cigar Store

What Are the Best Filtered Cigars

Filtered Cigars are a well-known choice for smokers that are looking for a rich cigar tobacco taste that is refined and smooth. A filter tip can offer smooth smoke for cigar enthusiasts.

These types of cigars use tobaccos that are fermented or aged. This helps offer a lightly sweetened or non-aromatic flavor.

Typically, Filtered Cigars are sold in 10 pack cartons. Every carton contains 20 pieces of cigars. The carton enables you to take the cigars wherever you want to go.

Phillies Filtered Cigars

This cigar is a reliable filtered cigar brand that offers a lush, smooth, and mouthwatering smoke with traditional tobacco flavor.

Phillies Filtered Cigars have an excellent burn, a lot of body, and draw. These cigars are ideal if you’re short on time. They’re packed in cartons. Each carton contains 20 filtered cigars.

Cheyenne Filtered Cigars

This classic filtered cigar is rich, smooth, flavorful, and small. Aside from that, they’re also extremely affordable. However, the taste or quality feels like you’re smoking a premium cigar.

They also come in cartons that contain 20 pieces of cigars each.

Djarum Filtered Cigars

This filtered cigar features a high-quality blend of peppery and spicy tobaccos. They’re machine-blend cigars that are extremely satisfying to smoke.

Aside from having a good taste, Djarum Filtered Cigarsalso provide an enticing aroma. They are packed conveniently. Thus, you can enjoy them wherever you want to go. You don’t need a cigar cutter at all.

Buitrago Cigars

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