Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jun 8th 2020

What are Filtered Cigars? Differences and Prices

Filtered cigars have now started to become a trend these days and some people have already used them as an alternative to cigarettes. Smokers have also been using it due to how it has less nicotine compared to other types of tobacco products.

But are these filtered cigars actually worth it? Are they much better compared to other ways to smoke tobacco? Well just keep reading as we’ll show you everything there is to know about this tobacco product.

What are Filtered Cigars?

Filtered cigars are just a smaller version of traditional cigars where they’re also made of the same tobacco leaf that gives that smooth taste of a cigar. A good thing about this type of cigar is that it’s able to protect the lips from discolorations caused by the particulates in the smoke.

The quality of the smoke that filtered cigars give is the same as a cigar due to the way they wrap these cigars and use more traditional types of leaves.

Are Filtered Cigars the Same as Cigarettes?

Filtered cigars may look the same as cigarettes but they have a few differences from each other. They have different types of wrapping as cigarettes are wrapped with paper while filtered cigars use tobacco lives which are the same ones used in cigars.

The contents of cigarettes are also dissimilar as they’re made of tobacco blends which gives them their distinct flavors. Their leaves aren’t fermented compared to filtered cigars which contain the same tobacco content from their bigger counterparts.

Advantages of Smoking One

There are several advantages that filtered cigars are able to give such as they’re able to give off premium quality smoke compared to cigarettes.

They also have very distinct flavors and can take a longer time to finish due to how firmly packed the tobacco is. This means that you’re able to save more money as you’re able to lessen the amount that you’ve smoked with compared to smoking cigarettes.

Filtered cigars also contain less nicotine compared to other tobacco products meaning it’s a healthier alternative to smoke with.

Flavors of Filtered Cigars

What’s also great about filtered cigars is that they offer an array of flavors for you to choose from. This wide selection of products allows you to customize your taste in cigars which enables you to have a more enjoyable smoke session.

It’s also important to pick the best-filtered cigar brands that you can find in your local cigar distributor in order to get a premium quality smoke.

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If you’re wondering if a filtered cigar is worth buying then it’s best to try them out to see for yourself. Though there’s a lot of positive reviews that’s been written for the product and it’s also shown to be very saleable to customers.