Posted by Martin on Sep 19th 2019

Tips for Choosing a Cigar Cutter - Cigar Store

When you have a cigar collection, a cigar cutter may be one of the most important pieces of equipment that you own. You can purchase one at a brick and mortar cigar shop or an online store. It doesn't matter whether you smoke cigars occasionally for special occasions or on an ongoing basis as part of your evening routine, you'll want to have a cigar cutter available for convenience.

It only makes sense to purchase one of the best quality available. Buying a cheap one could mean that you accidentally ruin some of your best cigars. Cigars consist of high-quality tobacco leaves and a paper wrapper, with the quality of the cigar being determined by what it is made of and how it's wrapped. It's important to understand what makes a good cigar cutter so that you can find out which one will work best for you.

You'll need a cigar cutter so that you can cut a small hole in the rounded end of each of your cigars. This will help you get a smooth draw each and every time. You'll want to be sure that your cigar cutter can make this cut precisely, so that you can enjoy your cigar smoking experience and make it a relaxing one.

There are numerous types of cigar cutters on the market, including:

The guillotine cutter: This cutter uses one or two blades that drop down to cut the cigar, providing you with a clean, high-class cut.

The scissor cutter: This cutter puts a bit more pressure on the cigar with two blades, in order to give it a centered, even cut.

Cigar punch: This isn't really a cutter, as it punches a small, even hole in one end of the cigar. This works well for cigars that are wider in diameter but may not work for narrower diameter cigars.

Selecting the correct cigar cutter is an important part of making sure that you get the best draw possible every time you smoke.

If the cutter accidentally damages the cigar, you won't be able to use it correctly and you won't enjoy smoking it as much. You won't have a good experience, overall, and you'll wind up wasting a high-quality cigar. If you're cutting for a friend who's not used to smoking a cigar, a bad cut could go unnoticed. However, if you're trying to make a positive impression, a poor cut will do the exact opposite. After you've had the experience of a good cigar that was cut well, you won't want to run the risk of damaging additional cigars with a bad cut accidentally.