Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jun 6th 2020

RAW Rolling Papers: Knowing More About These Beauties

People have been using rolling paper as a medium to smoke cannabis due to how easy and convenient it is. It can be bought anywhere and can be smoked and can also be brought along during travels.

It’s one of the most popular methods of smoking and various brands and products have been popping up over the last few decades.

With people becoming more inclined with health and wellness, they are now looking for alternative rolling papers that are all-natural and much safer to smoke with. With the creation of RAW Rolling Papers, people won’t need to look anymore as they’re able to provide them with what they need.

To know more about them, keep reading as we’ll show you all about RAW Rolling Papers.

History of the Brand

RAW Rolling Papers was founded in America back in 2005 by John Kesselman. He’s had his own experience selling various products for smoking since 1993, where he had his own tobacco shop.

By 1997, he started selling his own line of rolling paper after meeting with an owner of a rolling paper factory. He created brands such as the flavored rolling paper brand “Juicy Jay’s”, and the rice paper rolling papers “Elements”.

A few years later, he decided to invest in natural, unprocessed, hemp fiber. This product line that he created eventually became the brand “RAW” and catered it to be all-natural and safe for vegans to use.

One of the Best Rolling Papers

The main selling point of RAW is that it’s an all-natural rolling paper designed to be free from any harmful chemicals that might give off negative effects to the body.

They contain a blend of unbleached hemp fibers and are made to be so thin that you can even see through the paper.

It also has that patented crisscross pattern which makes it impossible to get a bad burn when smoking it. This allows people to get that smooth and even burn in order to give out the best smoking experience.

Getting the Best Rolling Paper for You

The products that RAW Rolling Papers’ offers are one of the best quality rolling papers that’s available in tobacco stores. They have several types of rolling papers to choose from and choosing the best one will solely depend on the smoker’s preference

The most commonly used product of theirs is the RAW Classic Papers. It’s one of their basic rolling papers that still gives off the quality which RAW is quite famous for.

They also have organic hemp papers, which are made out of pure organic hemp which is great for people who want that all-natural smoking experience.

RAW also has RAW Black Papers, which is their most premium product that’s ultra-thin and is produced in the finest rolling paper factory in Spain.

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Smoking all-natural rolling papers is one of the best and safest options to use. It’s completely harmless and it can also enhance your smoking experience.

With RAW Rolling Papers, you’ll be assured that you’re going to get a premium quality experience when smoking it.