RAW Rolling Papers: A Buyer's Guide to the Best Smoking

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Mar 25th 2020

RAW Rolling Papers: A Buyer's Guide to the Best Smoking

Nothing beats the feeling of having an enjoyable smoking session that lets you breathe through the sweet and soothing sensation of your lovely cigar.

There are lots of ways to smoke with delight, but one of the best ones is by choosing the right rolling papers.

RAW Natural Rolling Papers are among the best, if not the best, choice you can make. Not only does this let you smoke only natural and organic materials, but it’s also pure and ensured to give you a soothing and cool feeling.

Want to know more about RAW rolling papers? Then read on.

Knowing More About RAW

RAW is a product of HBI International, which is a leading wholesaler, manufacturer, and distributor of rolling papers as well as their respective accessories. It’s operations are based in Phoenix, Arizona.

The company started way back in 2005, and since then has rocked the world in many ways thanks to its many high-quality assortments of products that aren’t limited to rolling papers alone.

They also offer juicy jays, herbal bars, and rolling supreme, which are also highly sought-after by the market. Indeed, RAW has a strong and massive cult-like fan base, not only in the US but around the globe.

RAW isn’t just dominating the mainstream market but social media as well. Take for example its Instagram account that is followed by 1.7 million followers and its Twitter which has 28,500.

And aside from being a leader in the commercial tobacco and herb scene, they are also very active in giving back to the community thanks to its RAW Foundation. It is currently funding numerous humanitarian projects around the globe, which includes Ethiopia and the Philippines.

Indeed, RAW stands out from the market and from its many competitors due to its industrial excellence and humanitarian cause.

RAW Rolling Paper Options to Choose From

RAW Classic Creaseless

The RAW Classic Creaseless is one of the most popular rolling paper products of the company. This is what you need if you’re planning to roll cannabis.

What’s nice about this is that it lets you easily fold it down in a very accurate manner thanks to its interleaved texture. It’s made from natural gum and is watermarked. This is 100% natural as well, so you don’t have to worry about any aftertastes.

Just take note that these are a bit challenging to roll if you’re a newbie. But that isn’t a problem because you can easily learn this with experience. There’s also no paper that is wasted because of its well-knit design.

RAW Classic Natural Paper Rolls

If you are a regular cannabis smoker, then the RAW Classic Natural might be just what you’re looking for. This is a pre-cut paper which means that you can simply roll them into any size you want depending on your mood or preference.

Then if you’d want to roll and smoke more weed on your joint, then just tear of a bigger roll size. It’s that easy! These come in different sizes as well. These are King Size and Single Wide.

It features a criss-cross interweave to avoid runs. This design also lets you enjoy a purer smoking experience thanks to its ultra-thin paper. And you don’t waste any of it because you can get the prefered size by simply tearing it off.

Organic Regular

If you’re looking for something that’s soft and easy to roll, then the Organic Regular is what you need. This features a waxy feel which makes it easier for you to roll it anyway you like.

This also features a light color as it’s made from pure hemp that’s free from chlorine. It’s processed in the most eco-friendly way possible, so you don’t have to worry about after tastes or any negative side effects.

And just like the other variants, this also has the signature criss-cross watermark of RAW so that it won’t have any runs. This also creates a smoother burn which makes your smoking experience even better.

RAW Organic Creaseless

The RAW Organic Creaseless is for you if you’d want to shape your roll into any kind you want. These come originally flat and don't have any crease in its middle portion, but you can change this to your preferences later on.

These are also very thin, making them one of the lightest RAW paper rolls available. This way, air can easily pass through the joints and make you enjoy the burn even more.

You won’t inhale any kind of chemical with this one, or any of the aforementioned products because all of these are organic and chlorine-free.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolls

Then there’s the RAW Organic Hemp Roll which would be a great option if you’re into choosing your own rolling paper size. It’s thin, very lightweight, and is grown through an organic and all-natural process. It comes in a nine-feet genuine watermarked paper.

Top Reasons to Choose RAW

Organic and natural.

One of the best reasons why you need to choose RAW is that it’s made from 100% natural materials.

It’s completely organic, which means that you don’t take in and ingest any kind of chemicals that may cause any negative effects to your health or may even be fatal. You don’t have to worry about any of those with RAW rolling papers.

Zero aftertastes.

RAW rolling papers also have zero aftertaste. This means that you won’t get any weird or awful tastes that you might have from other brands that aren’t organic and all-natural. With this, you get a better smoking session with your sweet cannabis joint.

Smooth smoking experience.

If you want to make the most out of your smoking experience, then RAW is the way to go. It gives you the freshness, calm, and relaxing feel you’d want from your joint — in the best way possible.

Reputable brand.

RAW is a reputable brand and it’s been in the industry for many years. Because of this, you are assured that what you are getting is coming from years of experience and continuous improvement. These can also be bought from tobacco stores.

Where to buy RAW Rolling Papers?

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