Posted by Martin Buitrago on May 14th 2020

Randys Rolling Papers: Smoke Like a Natural Dragon

Randy’s Rolling Paper: Smoke Like a Natural Dragon

Rolling papers has become one of the most popular ways to smoke tobacco and weed. It’s one of the simple. It’s the most effective way to get a good hit out of them and it can easily be bought anywhere which makes it good for travel. Though one of the main inconveniences when using rolling papers is that it’s quite hard to roll the perfect joint, especially for beginners.

With the help of Randy’s Rolling Papers, more people will be able to get that firmly packed joint which gives out the best smoking experience. To learn more about this, keep reading as we’ll show you everything there is to know about this popular brand of cigarette paper.

What is Randy’s Rolling Papers?

Randy’s Rolling Papers is a popular brand of rolling paper that’s existed for almost three decades already. They’ve been selling their products since way back in 1975 and have been improving their products in order to give their customers a premium quality smoking experience.

What makes their products so popular is that each of their rolling paper has a stainless steel wire that’s attached to it. This makes it much easier for people to create the perfect joint and avoid any unnecessary fold that may occur when rolling it.

Classic and Good for Beginners

One of the advantages that the stainless steel wire in Randy’s Rolling Paper has is that it can also be used as a handle for the joint. Once the rolling paper is burned to a certain amount, a portion of the wire will be exposed and it can be bent into place where smokers can use it to hold the joint.

What’s also great about Randy’s Rolling Paper is that all of their products are thin, unbleached, and vegan friendly. Making it safe for everyone to smoke their herb with it.

Choosing the Best Randy’s Rolling Paper

Choosing the best rolling paper will ultimately depend on the person’s preference. Everyone has their own want’s when it comes to what type of joint they want to smoke.

Some want it all-natural like hemp rolling papers in order to avoid smoking any toxic substances. Others also want to have flavors in their rolling paper so they can taste a variety of sweets when smoking their hemps.

It’s best for beginner smokers to go to a tobacco shop so they’re able to choose properly so they’ll get the right rolling paper for them.

Tobacco stores like Buitrago Cigars are able to assist customers on which rolling paper will suit their needs so that they’ll be able to get the best smoking experience.

What’s the Best Place to Buy Them?

Looking for the best place to buy Randy’s Rolling Paper can be quite difficult with all the cigar shops out there. Availability can also be a problem for other shops due to some of them don’t even stocking these types of products.

Though one of the highest recommended cigar stores that sell Randy’s Rolling Paper is at Buitrago Cigars. They offer the best quality products that every smoker needs to enhance their smoke sessions.

Shopping at Buitrago Cigars will leave every customer satisfied with their purchase.

If their shop isn’t easily accessible to local buyers, then they can still buy their products through their online store which also does shipping.


In order to have the best experience when smoking a joint, it’s always important to have it tightly packed to get that perfect slow burn.

As some people will still have a hard time doing this no matter how many years they’ve been smoking, Randy’s Rolling Paper can become a huge help for them to pack their smoke properly.