Posted by Martin Buitrago on May 4th 2020

Hookah Charcoal: Everything You Need to Know

Smoking a hookah has become one of the trendiest ways to smoke as of recent times. It has existed for more than a century and has gone through a lot of changes. But there are still some parts of the hookah that haven't changed like the hookah charcoal.

There have been different forms of hookah charcoals that came out in the market but its main purpose still stays the same, which is to heat the tobacco and its flavorings to the point that it creates smoke.

Here we’ll talk about the basic things you need to know about the hookah charcoal. We’ll also show you which cigar shop you’re able to get it in order to enjoy a better experience when smoking your hookah.

An Essential Part for Your Hookah Session

You need a hookah charcoal in order to be able to smoke your hookah. It’s responsible to heat the shisha tobacco up so it’s able to produce smoke that you’re going to inhale.

Once the hookah charcoals are lit up, you’ll then place it on top of a foil or a hookah bowl. With the heat that the charcoal is able to produce, you’ll be able to have a great hookah session and create those sweet-flavored clouds.

The Different Types of Hookah Charcoal

There are several types of hookah charcoal with each of them having their own advantages and disadvantages. There are ones like quick lighting charcoal where you can easily light them up with your lighter.

The problem with this is that the coal will burn much faster and will also give off a strong taste when smoking with it.

There are also other types of charcoal that can give off low to medium heat which is the best option for smoking a hookah in order to smoke it much longer and reduce the amount of taste from the charcoal.

Getting the Right Charcoal for You

Choosing the best hookah charcoal for you will depend on your preference. As each charcoal will have its own pros and cons, you need to know what you want out of one.

Maybe you want your hookah session to start as fast as possible? Or you want charcoal that requires a lot of time to heat up but you’ll get to experience a much longer and enjoyable session?

Trying to pick one can sometimes be difficult for someone new, so you should try getting advice on places like a cigar shop who sell these products and know a lot about them.

Can I Reuse My Hookah Charcoal?

If your charcoal hasn’t finished up yet and you’re already over with your hookah session, you can actually recycle it for later use. You can dip the hookah charcoal in water and wait for the heat to be extinguished. Afterward, leave it till it gets dry so you'll be able to reuse it again.

Though when reusing charcoal, you’ll lose the quality of the product which means you shouldn’t expect to have the same experience when using a new one.

How Many Charcoals do I Need?

Wondering the exact amount of charcoal that you need will depend on different variables. You’ll need to check the size of your shisha bowl, the tobacco that you’re using, and even the type of charcoal that you have.

It’ll also depend on how hot you want your hookah tobacco to be cooked. Also, when you’re buying your charcoal at a tobacco store, always check the amount of heat it gives off.

You can use up to two pieces when you’re using high heat charcoal while the amount you need for low to mid heat will usually be four pieces.

Best Place to Buy Them

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This tobacco shop is filled with good quality items that you need for your hookah sessions so you’ll have a blast shopping over there.


Smoking a hookah can be lots of fun but it’s always important to use it in moderation so your health won’t be affected. Choosing the best hookah products to smoke with will also help you be safe when smoking it.