Handmade AVO Cigars: What Makes Them Special?

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jul 28th 2021

Handmade AVO Cigars: What Makes Them Special?

The use of cigars has become famous way back before the discovery of the New World. Consequently, Columbus’ expedition to Cuba introduced cigars to the Europeans.

These rolled tobacco leaves and special herbs became popular around the world. Because of its popularity, many companies have ventured into the tobacco industry.

AVO Cigars

In 1983, Avedis “Avo” Uvezian was a known jazz musician who traveled to Switzerland for his daughter’s christening. After the meal, Avo had a Cuban cigar and was disappointed by its price. He traveled to the Dominican Republic and met Hendrik Kelner to make their brand of cigars.

In 1995, Davidoff of Geneva paid $10M for distribution rights and became a producer of AVO Cigars. Its variety of high-quality cigars portrays the life of its master maker, a jazz musician who plays with broken chords but makes the finest tune of a symphony. The different variety of cigars completes the overall distinct taste of the AVO cigars.

Buitrago Cigars

Buitrago cigar is an online shop that sells tobacco products. Its variety of cigars that come from different brands allows the buyer to pick his choice for a distinct taste. With varieties of different flavors around the world, Buitrago cigars will give you the best cigars.

You can choose from different price ranges and cigar styles. The satisfaction you get in looking for a cigar in Buitrago cigars is tantamount to the price you pay.


The popularity of AVO cigars around the world caught the taste of many people. The distinct variety of tastes of each handmade cigar depicts the story of how the cigar was made.

Looking into Buitrago cigars for AVO’s variety of tobacco products allows the buyer to pick his interest. Nevertheless, AVO cigars will give you the satiety from different styles that come together to make that unique taste.