Posted by Maximillian on Sep 5th 2019

Get Wholesale AYC Grenadiers Cigars Here

AYC Cigars have been aroun for a long time and have a decent following, they really havent change much since their introduction into the market, or have added any new flavors or sizes. AYC Grenadiers Cigars which is available in 2 flavors Dark or Light is their top seller cigar. These cigars are almost the size or a Churchill cigar, still made with a process tobacco leaf style. These Grenadiers Cigars are available in 2 styles of packaing, a Pack option which brings 5 Packs of 6 and in 50ct style boxes.

AYC also has a smaller cigar which is called Minis, these cigars are the same sizes as of a cigarillo, also available in 2 packaging options similar to the Grenadiers. So if you are into large or small cigars and are looking for a classic cigar, one that has been in business for a long time; then AYC is your option, and us as a cigar store, we have all the flavors and styles for the lowest price