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Extendos by Splitarillos are available at our site

Extendos by Splitarillos are available at our site

Posted by Maximillian on Aug 5th 2019

Splitarillos are fairly new in the market but have been a hit since they came out. It wouldn't be wrong to say that they have set a new trend. 

Splitarillos have introduced Extendos to the market and they are the longest cigarillos available today. These cigars are 8.5 inches in length, making them nearly double the size of standard 4.25-inch cigarillos. This ensures that the smoke is longer lasting and double the fun. Just, relax and light up a Splitarillos to revel in its flavor and aroma. You can pair these mild bodied cigars with a cup of coffee or a light beer. These drinks have flavor notes that complement the mellow smoke. These cigars are sold in cartons containing 15 packs of 2 pieces each and come in Flavors of Fire,Cali Green,Black label,Loud,One Hundred,On Point,and OG SweetThe Extendos have introduced an evolution in the way cigarillos are smoked with their double length. All 7 Flavors are available here at BuitragoCigars.