Posted by Martin Buitrago on Mar 12th 2020

Cigar Humidors: Everything You Need to Know - Cigar Store

Are you a cigar enthusiast that wants to have a place to store your cigars?

Then what you need is a Cigar Humidor!

Cigars need to be placed in a specific temperature and moisture level in order to keep it fresh and help it last longer in storage space. If you’re into collecting cigars then you definitely need a cigar humidor so your cigar collection won’t go to waste.

If you’re confused about what cigar humidor is and how it functions then you should read this so you can be more knowledgeable when choosing what kind of humidor you want so when you can store properly your fresh Cuban cigars.

What are Cigar Humidors?

A cigar humidor functions as a storage container that is able to keep Cuban cigars fresh. It’s designed to store cigars at a certain temperature and keeps its humidity level at a certain point so it can preserve a cigar properly.

It’s important to keep your tobacco at a certain temperature due to how the tobacco leaves react to its surroundings.

If the leaves become too dry, they’ll burn too fast and hot which will give an off-feeling taste and lose its aroma that can be quite a terrible experience. If they’re also too moist, the tobacco leaves will end up rotting and might also lead to an infestation of bacteria and insects.

The cigar humidor takes the form of a box or a mini-refrigerator. The form will usually depend on the type of cigar humidor as there are a lot of variations of it.

The important part is that it has a tight seal placed on it and it can maintain the temperature and humidity to store the cigar properly.

These can be bought from cigar store and tobacco shop.

How does a cigar humidor work?

Cigar Humidors contain everything needed to maintain your cigars fresh. The box has climate control technology in it which keeps the temperature inside in the perfect temperature and humidity for storage.

The main parts of the cigar humidor are the wood, humidifier, hygrometer, and thermostat. The wood that’s usually used is Spanish cedar.

It’s used for the interior part in order to protect the cigars from mold, mildew, and tobacco beetle infestations. It also gives off a good feeling aroma that people find highly desirable.

What’s next is the thermostat. The thermostat is important to keep the temperature in the cigar humidor in a steady condition. It helps you monitor the temperature in your humidor should be on the right mark for storage so you can properly place it in the perfect spot.

The most important part of a cigar humidor is its humidifier as it allows the cigar humidor to be moist. It gives off a certain amount of moisture so the cigars can stay fresh and plump to keep it in its perfect state.

The hygrometer helps you check if there’s still water left in the humidifier. Depending on the cigar humidor, it can either be analog or digital.

Where to store your Cigar Humidor?

The best area to place your cigar humidor is in an isolated place where there would be no disturbance in temperature so there would be no sudden changes to the cigars environment.

It should be noted that it should never be placed directly under sunlight like near the door or the window as it can cause an increase in temperature so make sure to place it in a shady place in your home.

If you live in areas where the temperatures can get quite low, it’s best to keep it away from the windows as it might affect the humidor. The dry air may get inside the humidor and cause it to lower its humidity.

Make sure to take care of your cigar humidor. Don’t try to place drinks or anything that may cause it to break. It’s best to leave it undisturbed.

It's All About Having Fresh Cigars

To have the best experience in smoking cigars, you need to keep your cigars at their best so you can enjoy the full flavors that contain in your cigar.

You want to make sure that when you buy your expensive cigars that you can make every cent you cost worth it when you smoke it. A cigar that's too moist will end up hard to draw out smoke while one that's too dry is going to be too hot and it will loosen its full aroma.

As tobacco is quite sensitive to its surroundings, it's important to maintain the 70/70 rule where there’s 70% relative humidity and the temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is said to be the perfect environmental condition to keep its freshness. And the best way to maintain the 70/70 rule is to keep it inside a Cigar Humidor.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cigar Humidor

As there are a lot of cigar humidors to choose from, you need to check certain qualities and parts that are important to its construction. The construction must also be sealed properly, meaning, it’s properly glued together which is able to give it an airtight seal.

The sealing part of it must also be paid in mind to check if it locks properly. It needs to be airtight so your cigars won’t be affected by any external factors that may cause harm.

Final Words

Cigar humidors are a must to keep your cigars fresh so you should invest in one to have the best tasting cigar experience. There are a wide variety of cigar humidors to choose from with different types so you can find something that can suit your aesthetic taste.

Quality is a must, make sure that you get the best quality of cigar humidor so your Cuban cigars won’t go to waste.

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