Can You Get Backwoods Cigars in the UK? Buitrago Cigar Store

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Feb 13th 2021

Can You Get Backwoods Cigars in the UK? Buitrago Cigar Store

Can You Get Backwoods in the UK?

Backwoods Cigars have been one of the most popular brands of machine-rolled cigars around the US. Cigar enthusiasts around the world also want to get a taste of this since it’s all the rage for forums online and has also been heavily advertised for decades.

There are also smokers from the UK who are curious if there are any available backwoods cigars at their place and if there are any varieties of them. Well if you’re also one of those asking then keep reading as we’re going to tell you where to get Backwoods in the UK.

Countries that distribute Backwoods Cigars

You can find Backwoods Cigars anywhere around the world as long as there’s a tobacco shop that’s distributing them like Buitrago Cigars.

Since this cigar product is wanted by most outdoor smoking enthusiasts, there’s generally a large demand for Backwoods Cigars, especially in the US.

Though the only problem with this is that there’s currently a limit of supplies in Backwoods Cigars. This is caused by the COVID-19 pandemic where their warehouses and productions have been forced to stop due to a probability of an outbreak.

Where to get them in the UK

Backwoods Cigars are generally available around the UK but you can be sure that several tobacco shops around London sell them. Though if it’s too far from your place then you can also purchase Backwoods Cigars on online tobacco shops that are based in the UK.

What’s also great about shopping Backwoods Cigars around the UK is that there are several cigar flavors available that are currently banned in the US.

So if you’re a smoking enthusiast who’s looking for a good smoke around the place, it’s a good idea to look for those rare flavors of Backwoods Cigars in the UK.

Choosing the best Backwoods Cigar

Whenever you’re choosing the right Backwoods Cigar, it’ll all come to preference. Though it’s also important to note that there are several flavors such as Banana and Vanilla to be available in certain stores over there.

Special Backwoods Cigar flavors may be pricey but it’s worth it with how delicious they are. So it’s a good idea to try them out whenever you’re visiting the UK.

You can also order them at Buitrago Cigars

If you’re still having trouble looking for Backwoods Cigars online or in the UK then you could checkout Buitrago Cigars. This Florida-based tobacco store sells some of the best quality cigars all over the world such as a variety of flavors from Backwoods Cigars.

They also sell tobacco related necessities to ensure you have the best experience whenever you’re smoking your preferred cigar.


You can buy Backwoods Cigars at almost every tobacco outlet around the UK. Though the availability will depend as stocks right now are limited as the company has recently halted their production of cigars due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re keen on looking for BAckwoods Cigars then go to Buitrago Cigars as they can also cater to your needs on looking for your favorite cigar.