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Posted by Martin Buitrago on Aug 30th 2021

Can You Buy Backwoods Cigars in Bulk - Buitrago Cigar Shop

Can You Buy Backwoods in Bulk

Are you looking for the best cigar in the market? Well, you should consider giving Backwoods Cigars a try. This is particularly true if you’re looking for 100% natural smoke.

Backwoods Cigars are known for their special packaging. These cigars are machine-rolled. They’re filled with high-quality tobacco that offers excellent leisure and enjoyment.

You can purchase Backwoods Cigars in a lot of various packs and sizes. Typically, people buy them in packs of eight, packs of five, packs of two, and singles.

However, some people ask if they can buy backwoods in bulk.

Reasons to Choose Backwoods

Smokers love Backwoods Cigars for their unique packaging and look. These cigars are made from 100% natural tobacco. This offers smokers the best smoking experience.

Backwoods cigars are ideal for day-to-day smokers since you can carry them easily wherever you go.


Are you looking for a cigar that offers consistent and reliable taste? Well, Backwoods Cigars are the ideal option for you. They offer various flavors such as original, Russian cream, sweet aromatic, honey, and much more.

Can You Buy Backwoods in Bulk?

The answer is yes. You can purchase Backwoods cigars in bulk. There are a couple of online stores that offer this service. However, you’ve got to ensure you pick the right store first.

How Much Does Backwoods Cost in Bulk?

The price of Backwoods Cigars in bulk greatly varies on how much you order. A couple of stores provide discounts if you order a lot of cigars.

Make sure you pick a store that offers competitive pricing for bulk purchases.

Buitrago Cigars

If you’re planning to purchase Backwoods Cigars in bulk, Buitrago Cigars is here for you. They’ve got a lot of flavors of Backwoods Cigars available for bulk purchase.

In addition to that, you can ensure that you receive a more affordable price compared to other online stores out there.