Posted by Maximillian on Sep 5th 2019

Buy Cheap Smokers Choice Filtered Cigars Here

Smokers Choice Filtered Cigars may not be known as much but sure does have a nice following of clients around the USA. Available initially as a test in a few states resulted in crazy amount of request that force Prime Time Cigars to roll out the brand nationwide. However due to insane competition from other brands of cheap filtered cigars brands in the market, Smokers Choice Cigars are mainly available online, and we have the best prices.

Smokers Choice Cigars are available in different sizes actually, they have the normal 100s, and also 120s which is a larger filtered cigar. However due to weight and some state tax regulation, those filtered cigars (120s) are not available online thru us. Flavor wise, they have about 8 flavors: Peach, Vanilla, Grape, Strawberry, Light, Menthol, Regular and others