Posted by Martin on Jan 12th 2021

Are Tampa Sweet Cigars Discontinued? Buitrago Cigar Store

Tampa Sweet Cigars is one of those old classic cigars that you can find in almost every humidor throughout the world. Though these days, it’s become quite difficult to purchase them as their availability has slowly been decreasing.

So what happened to the brand and are they still producing them today? Well, keep on reading as we’ll tell you everything there is to know about Tampa Sweet Cigars and where you can still purchase them.

What are Tampa Sweet Cigars?

Tampa Sweet Cigars is a classic cigar that’s been produced for nearly a century as it’s filled with a unique sweet-like flavor that comes from a mixture of Colombian and Italian tobacco.

By having a tight and perfect wrapping, it’s able to give out a slow and even burning, allowing you to taste the smooth texture and aroma. It even has that long flavor-filled aftertaste that’s able to give you a satisfying smoke session.

About the Brand

Tampa Sweet Cigars is distributed by one of the oldest cigar making company in Tampa, “Hav-A-Tampa”.

Starting their brand way back in 1902, they were able to stand the test of time through creating quality cigars which attracted a lot of smokers due to the richness of their taste.

As their company grew, they created a variety of tobacco-related products and further perfecting the flavor of their classic Tampa Sweet cigars.

What Happened to them?

As laws regarding tobacco-related products began to become stricter in 2009, a of tobacco companies were hit hard and even forced to close.

As this made a huge impact in the tobacco industry, even one of the long-lasting brands such as Tampa Sweet cigars was hit hard.

Soon after the sudden change of regulations, the company was forced to shut down, causing most of their products to become discontinued.

Can You Still purchase Tampa Sweet cigars?

Although Tampa Sweet Cigars has been discontinued, there are still a lot of distributors and tobacco shops selling them. If you’re planning on buying Tampa Sweet Cigars then it’s better if you get some as soon as possible before they run out.

It might become a hassle for you to search for these cigars as their availability is slowly decreasing but you can try looking for them at Buitrago Cigars.

You can Still Get them at Buitrago Cigars

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Even the best quality cigars can end up being discontinued at some point so it’s always a good option to get them while they’re still available.

As the amount of Tampa Sweet Cigars in the market is slowly fading away, you should try to get a taste of that rich and satisfying smoke while you still can.

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