Backwoods Cigars Wholesale  at Buitrago Cigars

Posted by Maximillian on Dec 31st 1969

Backwoods Cigars Wholesale at Buitrago Cigars

While starting your own business is an American Dream, sometimes is not an easy task, specially in the wholesale sector, since you would have to compete with all the established business in your area.

But selling Wholesale Cigars is a whole new animal, since you would have to decide if you only sell within a few miles from your location, or if you only sell to other smaller jobbers (smaller guys) or if you become a Cash N Carry which means you would need a lot of inventory and allow customers on your premises.

Either way sometimes buying cigars within your area may not be the solution since most cigar distributor may not be willing to sell you in volume or at descent prices which wont allow you to compete as much as you would like. So how do you compete you may ask, well researching other distributors outside your area that are willing to sell you volume at low prices since you wont be in their territory.

Buying Wholesale Cigars online has become quiet easy now with a few website out there, but before you buy, do your study, make sure they are licensed, and consult with your local tax authorities if you can buy from an outside cigar distributor .

Plus usually sometimes your local distributor only carries limited selection of cigars which will limit your revenue and your opportunities of expanding and selling more. So we recommend online wholesalers which usually have lower margins and more selection