Backwoods Bart Supreme BW Mini Rolling Tray

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  • Size: 7" x 5"

Immerse yourself in the essence of authentic backwoods vibes with the Backwoods Bart Supreme BW Mini Rolling Tray. This compact rolling tray is designed to elevate your rolling experience to new heights, ensuring you can roll up your favorite herb in style and convenience.

Crafted with precision, the Backwoods Bart Supreme BW Mini Rolling Tray measures a perfect 7" x 5", making it ideal for personal use or for sharing with friends. The sleek and stylish design features iconic Backwoods Bart graphics, adding a touch of personality to your smoking ritual.

This rolling tray is not just a practical accessory, but a statement piece that reflects your unique taste and love for the backwoods lifestyle. Its durable construction ensures longevity, while the smooth surface provides an ideal platform for preparing your smoke.

Whether you're rolling up at home or on the go, the Backwoods Bart Supreme BW Mini Rolling Tray is the perfect companion for any smoking enthusiast. Say goodbye to messy surfaces and hello to an organized and efficient rolling station that exudes flair and functionality.

Enhance your smoking experience with the Backwoods Bart Supreme BW Mini Rolling Tray, your ticket to rolling perfection wherever you may roam. Grab yours today and indulge in the art of rolling like a true connoisseur with this must-have accessory.
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Mini Tray
7" x 5"