Arturo Fuente Brevas It's A Girl

Arturo Fuente
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Buitrago Cigars offers this amazing handmade cigar by Arturo Fuente Cigars.

Once your baby girl is born it is traditional to give out cigars to friends, family and even the doctors who helped bring her in to the world, to celebrate the very special moment. There is no better cigar to celebrate with than Arturo Fuente Brevas It’s a Girl. These specialty cigars come in a pink box with the words It's A Girl! written on it and it brings 25 cigars, each individually wrapped in cellophane with It's a Girl written on them as well. Much like the nice presentation of the cigars, the construction is great too. Beautifully rolled in a Cameroon wrapper, the Dominican binder and filler are a carefully selected blend of tobaccos for this very special occasion. The burn is razor sharp and slow, producing a nice, white and grey ash that hangs on very well through the cigar. The draw is great, giving you a hefty amount of smoke.

The Arturo Fuente Brevas It's a Girl is perfect for this tradition because of its unique blend, carefully chosen to satisfy any kind of cigar smoker; no matter what flavor profile they favor, there are flavors in this cigar for them. This medium bodied stick produces a smooth, slightly spicy smoke with a light sweetness to it, deep, earthy tones with hints of cedar and a truly lovely aroma. The Arturo Fuente Brevas It's a Girl is a corona sized cigar, 5 inches long with a 42 ring gauge giving you a very enjoyable smoke for about an hour. You can't go wrong with the It's A Girl Brevas for this extra special occasion and the price is unbelievably low for these premium specialty cigars.

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Arturo Fuente Cigars
Cigar Box
Machine Made:
25 Cigars
5.5" x 42