Zen Cigarette Filter Tubes 100mm Menthol Flavor 200 Ct. Box

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Zen tube filters are characterized as one of the favorite brands of tubes for their quality and taste. They come with a tube size of 100 mm with a filter length of 25 mm. Available in Buitrago Cigars at an excellent price.

Experience the refreshing taste of menthol with Zen Cigarette Filter Tubes in 100mm length. Crafted with precision and quality in mind, Zen tube filters are renowned for delivering a superior smoking experience to cigarette enthusiasts. With a filter length of 25mm, these Menthol Flavor tubes are designed to provide a smooth and satisfying smoking session every time.

Brought to you by Buitrago Cigars, a trusted name in the industry, these Zen Cigarette Filter Tubes come in a convenient 200 count box, ensuring you have an ample supply on hand. Whether you enjoy rolling your own cigarettes or simply prefer to customize your smoking experience, these tubes offer a perfect solution.

The Zen brand is celebrated for its commitment to excellence, and these Menthol Flavor tubes are no exception. Simply fill the tube with your favorite tobacco blend, and enjoy the invigorating menthol taste with every puff. With a 100mm size, these tubes provide a generous space for filling and offer a comfortable smoking experience.

Don't settle for subpar cigarette tubes – choose Zen Cigarette Filter Tubes in Menthol Flavor for a premium smoking experience. Stock up on this 200 count box from Buitrago Cigars at an exceptional price and elevate your smoking routine with quality and flavor.
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Filter Tube
Filter Tube Box
Machine Made:
200 Filter Tubes
100 mm with a filter length of 25 mm