Slapwoods Natural Leaf Cigar Wraps Bloodshot

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  • Quantity: 5 Natural Leaf Wraps per pack
  • Hand Cut 100%
  • Ships from Miami, FL

Our premium leaf wraps are made from only the finest virgin all natural tobacco leaf. Pre whased and hand cut for a luxury smoking experience. 

Introducing Slapwoods Bloodshot, where quality and intensity collide for a smoking experience like no other. Each pack contains 5 wraps, ensuring a bold and flavorful adventure with every use.

Crafted with precision, Slapwoods Bloodshot wraps are designed for a smooth burn, allowing you to savor the rich, robust flavors to the fullest. The name "Bloodshot" hints at the intensity of the experience, promising a deep and satisfying smoke that leaves an impression.

These wraps are perfect for those who seek a potent and memorable smoking session. The natural leaf material enhances the authenticity of the experience, providing a premium feel for enthusiasts who appreciate top-notch quality.

Indulge in the fusion of quality and intensity with Slapwoods Bloodshot. With 5 wraps per pack, you have just the right amount to enjoy a bold solo session or to share the experience with fellow enthusiasts. Elevate your smoking ritual with the rich and intense flavors of Slapwoods Bloodshot wraps.

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5 Wraps per Pack
Box of 10 Packs of 5