Sesh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouch Unflavored 4mg 1/5 Ct Roll

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Introducing "Sesh" Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches – the perfect way to enjoy a satisfying nicotine experience without the need for tobacco. Each pouch is crafted with precision and care to deliver a clean and pure nicotine sensation, free from the harmful effects of traditional tobacco.

Sesh Nicotine Pouches are designed for those who seek a convenient and discreet way to enjoy nicotine anytime, anywhere. With a refreshing unflavored profile, these pouches provide a subtle and nuanced experience, allowing you to focus solely on the smooth satisfaction of nicotine without the distraction of added flavors.

Each roll of Sesh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches contains 5 individual pouches, each packed with 4mg of nicotine. This optimal nicotine content strikes a balance between providing a gratifying experience and ensuring a controlled and manageable intake for users.

The compact and portable nature of Sesh pouches makes them an ideal companion for those on the go. Whether you're at work, commuting, or simply relaxing at home, Sesh offers a convenient solution to your nicotine needs. The discreet packaging ensures that you can enjoy your nicotine break without drawing unnecessary attention.

Say goodbye to the drawbacks of traditional tobacco products and embrace the future of nicotine enjoyment with Sesh. Experience the purity of nicotine without the smoke, ash, or lingering odors. Elevate your satisfaction with Sesh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches – your passport to a cleaner and more controlled nicotine experience.

Each can includes 20 nicotine pouches that can be used discreetly throughout the day.
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Tins of 20 Nicotine Pouches
4 Mg
5 Tins of 20 Nicotine Pouches/ 1 Tin of 20 Nicotine Pouche