Royal Blunts Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Sugar Cane

Royal Blunts Hemparillo
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Royal Blunts Hemparillo wraps are made of natural hemp, without tobacco. They come in a presentation of 15 pouches in a box with 4 wraps per pouch.


Experience the smooth and refreshing taste of Royal Blunts Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Sugar Cane, the perfect choice for those seeking a tobacco-free smoking experience. Crafted from natural hemp, these wraps offer a clean and pure smoking option for enthusiasts of all kinds.

Each box of Royal Blunts Hemparillo wraps contains 15 pouches, with 4 wraps neatly packed in each pouch. This convenient packaging ensures that you have an ample supply of high-quality wraps at your fingertips, perfect for daily use or sharing with friends during social gatherings.

The Hemp Wraps Sugar Cane flavor delivers a subtly sweet and aromatic smoking experience that will elevate your sessions to new heights. The unique blend of hemp and sugar cane creates a beautifully balanced flavor profile that is both mild and enjoyable, making it a popular choice among connoisseurs.

Whether you prefer to roll your own cigarettes or simply enjoy the ritual of smoking with wraps, Royal Blunts Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Sugar Cane offers a premium option that is sure to impress. Say goodbye to traditional tobacco wraps and choose a healthier alternative with these natural hemp wraps.

Elevate your smoking experience with Royal Blunts Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Sugar Cane and indulge in the pure essence of natural hemp flavor. Enjoy the smooth burn and rich taste of these high-quality wraps, designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.
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Royal Blunts Hemparillo
15 Pouches of 4
Sugar Cane
60 Hemp Wraps